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My vocation as an artist was born of a deep need to express feeling.

My greatest challenge has been finding a method, or a technique enabling me to express myself in different works of art while still being myself. 


Shapes intertwine, but never by chance. Sometimes there is a sensation of flying and sometimes tension between opposed forces can be felt.Movement gives way to motionless forms, suggesting dynamism, energy, imminent movement, while at the same time maintaining an idea above all of elevation and inner freedom, the source of all energy. 


This freedom engenders all the virtues that people strive to reach in order to lead a genuine life.

If someone beholding my art feels some of this, the adventureI have embarked on alone has been worth it.


I later became interested in clay sculpture (figurative). For a period of about two years I attended a sculptor's workshop. Once I had learnt the basic concepts, I started to work alone in my studio. 


There all my figurative works came into being.






In 1995, my husband's professional commitments took us to Alicante, which is where I have undertaken all my latest work, both painting and sculpture.


All of this has gone hand in hand with an internal and continuous search for my true personality. Today I feel that all my efforts have paid off.


The sculptures I have created in this last period have been made from recycled materials. I enjoy and find it rewarding to bring objects to life which 

are no longer worth anything. I often find them already complete - they just need one last small detail which will bring them to life.



Thought is the response of the memory, so thought can never be creative. 

It is only through embracing new things as new and fresh things as fresh 

that creative existence can emerge. 


Only by being free within ourselves we can be creative.Inner freedom is only born when the mind is no longer sure of itself, either in tradition or knowledge.


Loving something for what it is is freedom. Freedom is a quality of the mind which engenders all other virtues. The sum of all these virtues is Love.


- Krishnamurti -

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