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What do you expect from your art?


Nothing & Everthing


Nothing: in so far as I honestly do not expect recognition. 

Everything:in finding people who, upon seeing my work, feel something inside.

How would you define art?


I do not think that art can be defined. Art is life, art is movement, art is freedom. We are all artists.


A "work" of art comes into being when someone develops a technique to express a feeling. The work of art may be admired, criticised or ignored. 


For me, the value of a work of art is intrinsically linked to the honesty and authenticity of the feelingsexpressed by the artist.

Where does your vocation to create come from?


It comes from the profound need to express feeling. It would not be possible for me to do that through words. My artwork achieves that to a certain extent. I say "to a certain extent" because every time I finish a work, I feel satisfied, but I always have something more to say and I fool myself into believing that the next time, I will manage to do it. I realise that this will not be so.


My greatest challenge has been finding a method, a technique enabling me to express myself in different works of art while still being myself; always remaining faithful to a concept, above all, of inner freedom, the source of all energy.


Looking back at my work enables me to see my true state of mind clearly at the time of creation, even though I was not intellectually aware at that precise moment.In the past, the intention behind my work was to convey concepts and ideas arising from my personal experience.Today, however, that is not the most important thing for me. I create my work because I enjoy doing so.

Who are you?


My name is Carolina Coronado Castillo. I was born in Madrid in 1944. 

My personality was always calm and ever since I was a young girl, I searched for my own space in which to live out my own vision of life which, I now realise, always went against established things. Dreaming about flying was recurrent throughout my childhood.


I completed an interior design coursein Madrid and I was given a job as an art teacher in the college where I did my course. I got married in 1972. My husband and I lived in Milan, Italy, for a year and then in 1973, we moved to Brussels. 

In my spare time, when I was able to rob some precious moments from my busy family life, I began to create small ceramic objects.


I would attend ceramics workshops, but I spent most of my time experimenting and learning new techniques in my own small studio. I always thought that I waslazy when it came to consulting books and other sources of information. Today I realise that I was not lazy – I merely needed to create. I truly enjoyed experimenting. I never made written notes about enamelling or other techniques. Repetition was meaningless for me.


Thought is the response of the memory, so thought can never be creative. It is only through embracing new things as new and fresh things as fresh that creative existence can emerge


This phrase by Jiddu Krishnamurti made me comprehend everything I felt intuitively.. 


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